The Cloud Forest offers a short term and long term artist residency program. To encourage flow of ideas and cultural exchange, the residency always consists of both Taiwanese artists and artists from abroad. As an artist in resident, you will have 24/7 access to ceramic studios that include a private studio, wheels, slab rollers, glazes, kilns (electric, gas, and raku), a gallery space where you can show and sell your work. Limited on-site or near by housing is available and includes a kitchen facility, private bath, internet, and common area with a library. 

The requirements of the residency, outside of creating a body of work, include planning to teach at least one advanced level workshop. We're flexible on the subject of the workshop as we are planning to hold interdisciplinary classes and events to inspire the community. You could teach making ceramic sculptural objects to advance wheel throwing class. We remain open to other forms of art from weaving, paper making, print making, metal or wood sculpture, painting, or other art/craft based skill that our facilities may allow.

To get the most out of your time at the residency, it is recommended you speak at least a little bit of English, and interested to learn a little bit of Mandarin Chinese. Even if you don't speak Mandarin, Taipei is easy enough to navigate with zero knowledge of the language.

Grants are available for Taiwanese artists of Aboriginal descent.

To apply for the residency program, please download and fill out the application form. or contact us