Previous Artists


Cloud Forest Collective is pleased to have Hungarian-born ceramic artist, Agnes Husz, and Japanese printmaking artist, Fumio Wakabayashi, as our invited artists. They have many years of exhibition experiences around the world and it will be their first exhibition in Taiwan.
The exhibition title “Beneath the cherry tree” is inspired by the cherry tree around their house in Japan that the artist couple have been working and living under it for more than 30 years. Even with their different cultural backgrounds and mediums of expression, they travel together to explore new places and techniques and share their unique textures in various ways together.
On the exhibition, Agnes will present her previous ceramic works from Japan as well as the ones made during her residency program at Cloud Forest Ceramics in Taipei, while Fumio will present his copperplate-etching and woodcut prints "Pandora" series made in recent years from Japan.
The exhibition attempt to present how both artists express their own perspectives of life through art, while connect and support each other with different mediums and styles over years of art practice.