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Yangmingshan is a volcano in an oceanic island. Here, the subtropical jungle and the city meet. Here, the air is is filled with mist and geothermal dust. Slightly outside the roads, the smoke from the temples’ chimney rises up to the sky.
This summer, we invited a Russian photographic artist and a Taiwanese ceramic artist based in Japan to enter this indefinite, rambling, sometime chaotic environment, turning the space and time of the local landscape into artistic imagery and large-size ceramics.


The photographic artist Maria Lezhnina and the ceramic artist Evon Wang have created visual installations and ceramic sculptures on-site at 27M Gallery.

Maria developed a series of visual meditations on the atmosphere. They are titled ‘Sky’, ‘Heat’, ‘Humidity,’ and ‘ Suspensions.’ While they portray the atmosphere as a new take on landscape photography, they also trigger mental associations out of the mind of the viewers and question the local atmospherical events of Yangmingshan.

Evon embedded the memory of her on-site experience within the clay. While the shapes of her artworks have grown out of coils of clay piled up against gravity, their surfaces have been covered by infinite numerical engravings, painstakingly carved by the artist out of her time in Yangmingshan. Indeed, her artworks are ‘fruits’ born out of concrete time -that slow expanse spent for their creation- and reflects the material experience of the artist in a place.

During the period of the exhibition, Maria Lezhnina, elaborating on her background as architect, will hold two workshops for children, that will connect them with the content of the exhibition and provide some basic notions of space. On the other hand, Evon Wang will guide the people to reflect about poetry and the creation with clay.